KinderSport Ingredient list

Sol Sunguard KinderSport SPF 36

All ingredients are pharmaceutical grade - USP


Active Ingredients                                Purpose

Zinc Oxide 10%                                      Sunscreen, Skin Protectant

Octinoxate 7.5%                                     Sunscreen

Ensulizole 4%                                         Sunscreen

Inactive Ingredients 

Purified water                                          Emulsion constituent

Cyclomethicone                                       Hydrophobic

Polyglyceral-4 isostearate,                       Emollient, reduces TEWL

Cetyl dimethicone copolyol                      Emollient, reduces TEWL

Hexyl laurate                                            Adjusts thickness of lotion

Mineral oil                                               Emollient

Ethylhexyl palmitate                                 Skin conditioning

Cerisin,                                                    Hydrophobic barrier

Cetyl dimethicone,                                   Emollient, hydrophobic barrier

Dimethicone,                                           Skin Protectant, hydrophobic barrier

Methylparaben,                                         Fungicide

Propylparaben,                                         Fungicide

Diazolidinyl urea                                       Fungicide – not animal derived

Hydrogenated castor oil                            Adjusts thickness of lotion, emollient

Potassium hydroxide                                PH  adjuster

Propylene glycol                                       Humectant

Sodium chloride                                       PH  adjuster