Our Story

Founder Steve Johnson post surf session with his son.

We are a friendly team of scientists, moms, adventurers, students, roustabouts, dads, cyclists, surfers, travelers, climbers, golfers, researchers, tennis players, fishermen, skateboarders, and all around smart active people.  We are proud to make a world class product and will celebrate a job well done at our local brew pub.


Competitive product testing - 2001
Our team was founded by Steve Johnson in 2001.  A painfully pale guy, Steve could never find a sunscreen that would protect for a full day at high altitude or stay out of his eyes when surfing, or stay on during a sweaty run.  
 In 2001 Steve began research into sunscreen chemistry with the goal of making the most protective skin protection that could withstand the most extreme sports environments. After two years of research and development and Sol Sunguard was born - January 2003.
Since then, millions of active people have chosen the superior protection of Sol Sunguard products. Professional surfers, mountain guides, military, professional cyclists, fishermen, moms, teachers, camp counselors, triathletes, (and many  more) rely on Sol Sunguard. The safest, most protective sunscreens in the world.
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