BlueWater SPF 36 Watersport Sunscreen and Skin Protectant


Non water-soluble chemistry keeps the lotion on your skin and out of the water. Preventing the sunscreen from washing into marine environments is the first and most important step in making a MARINE SAFE formula.  Naturally hydrophobic chemistry (repels water) results in very high water resistance. Exceeds all international water resistance standards (FDA, AU, EU)

Creates a Skin Protectant Barrier that blocks yeasts, algaes and other irritating waterborne contaminants. 

No eye-sting. We use 3 ways to prevent it.  Our proprietary science blocks the absorption of sunscreen ingredients into eye tissue. Known eye irritants are eliminated from our formulations. Using non water-soluble chemistry means the lotion will not migrate from the skin into the eyes.

No greasy residue. The methicone base comes from quartz and is naturally non-greasy. 

Gear safe - no equipment contamination. Will not damage latex or neoprene wetsuit/drysuit materials